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Are you getting all the deductions you qualify for?

Are you in compliance with Maryland’s unique tax regulations?

Can you take advantage of the federal earned income tax credit?

A & H Financial Services has the experience and expertise to ensure you file an accurate return that minimizes your tax burden and delivers the maximum possible refund. Unlike chain store tax preparers (who go to work with as little as 75 hours of training), you’ll get the benefit of more than two decades of experience with local and federal tax regulations. You’ll rest easier knowing that all the bases are covered, from recent changes to tax law, to deductions for your home mortgage, to making sure you qualify for suitable health insurance.

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Save more on taxes by planning ahead

We’re here to support you during tax season — and the rest of the year. Your best defense against the Alternative Minimum Tax, lost education credits, tax bracket changes, and other unpleasant surprises is to plan ahead. Make sure you get everything you’re eligible for by mapping out your strategy while you still have plenty of time.

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