New to the Area

Looking for someone who’s local and easily accessible? We’re right here in Maryland, and offer you more than two decades of experience with the unique tax structure of the “Old Line State.” Contact us just to do business with friendly, local people, or for Maryland-specific issues like these:

  • Making sure you qualify for the Homestead Tax Credit
  • Keeping your business or non-profit organization in compliance with Maryland’s State Department of Assessment and Taxation
  • Managing county taxes
  • Making contributions for your child’s college education (Maryland’s has unique rules for 529 plans)
  • And much more…

Selling real estate in Maryland?

If you’re a non-resident selling real estate inside the State of Maryland, there are additional procedures you must follow to avoid paying unnecessary taxes on the proceeds from the sale. Contact us today to learn how to minimize your tax burden.

Contact a friendly face.

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